Saturday, January 2, 2010

"I will spend my heaven doing good on earth." St Therese of Lisieux

As I ponder my new year's resolutions and goals, I came upon this quotation from St. Therese, "I will spend my heaven doing good on earth." I want it to be my inspiration for this year and hopefully for life. Of course, I will continue with my goals for fitness, financial planning, household projects and spiritual development; however St. Theresa's way shall guide me this year. My father has frequently said that he has experienced heaven on earth from the love of his wife (my mother) and the joy of his children and grandchildren. No doubt, our family has been deeply blessed. This blessed way comes not only from our faith, it also is reflected through my father and mother's service and "doing good" for each other, their children, their community and even at ages 81 and 85 they continue to do good. My mother volunteers for hospice and both my parents are volunteers at church working the gift store, bringing food for receptions following the funeral of a fellow parishioner, even for those they do not know. We just shared 12 days together for the Christmas celebration and each day mom and dad would cook, bake, do our laundry, take us places, and create a most beautiful Christmas break. This has been our life, our parents doing good. I would say that St. Theresa is onto something, the more good we do, the more heaven becomes part of this life.

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Joan T. said...

what a lucky family you are to have those wonderful parents, they made lovely children I think. We only know one but she sure is special!